So, I made a Google Map of FVHS with two of my very dear classmates in hopes of helping fellow students who are lost around campus. We thought of this idea when we tried to think of a way to benefit out community, and we realized that as freshmen, (and even occasionally now), we still get lost. We wanted to minimize this first day of school anxiety by providing an easily accessible map that shows the school campus buildings, some sport offices, the Locker Rooms, and administrative offices and services. It was relatively easy to plan, however, we had to overcome quite a few obstacles in order to reach our final goal. But, in the end, we were able to prevail, and now we are able to present to FVHS – bit.ly/fvhsmap

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For starters, I have never heard an adult say the word “stoner”, let alone, call my shoes, “STONER shoes”. Interesting right? Well, a wide variety vocabulary isn’t the only thing I’ve learned in this class. And no, I didn’t learn how to analyze countless passages, or find the meaning behind a poem. In fact, I dug to the core pit of the poem, by asking myself questions.

Thanks, Mr. Theriault. 

Without him, I would have never thought of a blog. I would never use a hastag for its actual purpose, and I would have never known that plumbers actually are very, very, very rich.

Mr. Theriault is someone I regard and view very highly of (although I’d never tell him that in person, his ego is almost as big as mine). He taught me skills that no one else would, and challenged me in ways that I’ve felt so uncomfortable to the point where I felt as though my brain had just abandoned me. I felt as though I was pushed out into a dark forest, feeling vulnerable and unprepared, but I realized I had a tool bag all of the skills and lessons that he had taught me at my disposal.

He taught us that money does not define your success, something that I’ve been reaised and taught. Throughout my whole life, UCI and a Ph.D is the way to succeed, if not, the only pathway to leading a good life. He made me realize that there are endless other occupations that are also wonderful and the pay is wonderful. He opened up my eyes to new colleges. I had no idea what UCSC was until a month ago.

He gave us a presentation of where to go on a first date, a whole, day long list of his favorite books (I love reading, I wrote down a whole page of the books he listed), but most importantly, he taught us life skills and lessons that I will never forget. I’ve incorporated these skills into my daily life, and I live by some of his lessons.

Mr. Theriault is definitely not your ordinary, well-dressed, lecture-at-hand type of teacher. He’s the teacher who pushes you to do your best, to think WAY outside the box, to challenge yourself, to think from a different point of view. He makes you grow as an individual without you even realizing it.

One of the ways he changed me was my opinion on blogging online. I thought it was just a way to publicize yourself, to spread new DIY ideas, or food recipes. Instead, I came to the conclusion that it’s just your own small space on the Internet where you do whatever the hell you want, and no one will stop you. Unless someone reports you, at least. Blogging helped me drift away from the technical, inputting topic sentence, to main idea, to detail, repeat five times. The typical essay. I never did that. I got to grow as a maturing individual, not as a robotic student. I first started off as doing it in a style similar to Buzzfeed. Gifs were my THING, YOU KNOW? It was great.

However, I grew out of this, and started to just do it in paragraph form, as my style went from being entertaining to something more personal to me.

blog 1blog 2

For any new bloggers, I would suggest to never limit yourself. Expand your horizons, allow people to connect with you, publicize your posts (if you’re into that sort of thing, at least). You’ll be able to learn more about yourself and the surrounding, supportive internet community. The Web isn’t all about games and media 🙂

P.S. Deepest apologies to Mr. T, I never took a selfie with him.


This is a quote I hold very dearly to me, I go by it, and I often tell my friends. Many people I know are selfless people, they’re wonderful, non-pretentious individuals who helped me go through the ups and downs of my life.

You should not have to rip yourself to pieces in order to keep others whole

I have no idea who the creator of this quote is, however, it is an INCREDIBLY, SERIOUSLY awesome quote.

Many of us try to be there for everyone, to help solve their problems, to be there at 3 in the morning while they cry. It’s incredible, honestly. However, many of us are so busy catering to others that we often forget that we are only one person ourselves. WE have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of those we love. If we are to wither, so will others. We’re too busy giving that we will realize only when it is too late that we no longer have anything to give. We all have our limits, and we have to know them.

Now, I’m not saying that we should all suddenly immerse ourselves to indulging in only our own lives, but I’m saying that you have to give SOME time to yourself. You have to recharge in order to energize others around you. Think about it. If you were to give a fully charged phone to someone to play then share with others, they would be most satisfied. However, if you only gave them a partially charged phone to share, they wouldn’t be as happy. It sort of makes sense now, right?

You want to be at your best when helping others, and the only way to do that is to give enough time for you to replenish your mind, body, and soul. If you’re drowning in everyone else’s problems, there is nothing you can do to save everyone around you, because you will only end up as one of them yourself.

Trappity Trap Trap

“I like to call this music the music of the gods”. I have never heard such an honest FACT before. Trap music is a mixture of hip hop, dubstep, and it is a type of electronic dance music (EDM). It’s the type of music that pumps you up, and the type of music where you bang your head to the beat in your car. It is typically instrumental, and has a “drop”. A really, really, really good drop. It’s the type of drop where you’re free falling from the sky and landing into a crazy rainbow. Tran does an excellent job at giving a few examples of trap music and explaining how it’s different from other genres, like house and hip hop. If you’re interested in this type of music, her blog post has some songs that I highly recommend!

Intergalactic Imagination

I like to call trap music the music of the gods. Never heard of this genre before? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, so let’s shine some light on the subject. Trap, which originated from the Southern United States, was introduced in the 1990’s beginning with artists such as Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. Its genre is a modern, hybrid electric dance music mixed with splurges of dubstep and hip hop filtered in. Although classified as a part of edm ( electric dance music), trap music branched off on its own into a wholely different element of music.


The thing I love about trap music is its energy. You can never go wrong with trap music if you’re half asleep and want some jerking music to really wake and energize you. Bio Machine by T Mass, one of my personally favorite songs, is definitely a good example of this.

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We Take Beds For Granted

There are actually few people who are privileged to be sleeping in a bed. Personally, I believe it’s better to sleep in a bed, it is comforting, and it’s my safe haven. Our beds are where we go to in order to recharge every night, to fully relax and let go of the day. It is in our beds that we are going to dream. There are many children out there who are not able to experience something many of us take for granted. Most people I know LOVE their bed, but there is a child out there who’s slept on the dirt their whole life. People need to be aware of this!

HOWEVER, in Animal Farm, it is looked down upon to be sleeping in a bed. It is considered to be an embarrassment as it is a sign of human luxury, one that an animal should not have. These animals however, are hypocritical in a sense that not all humans sleep in beds. Many do not. Take a look at how many people out there are not able to have the comfort of sleeping in a bed at night. Though many are used to this, most are not ABLE to sleep on a mattress at night due to poverty.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Indira, age 4 sleeps on a mattress on the ground. She has worked in the local granite quarry since she was three years old.

-taken from businessinsider.net-

Kraho Tribe, Brazil

Ahkhoxet, age 8. His tribe hunts and grows all of their food.

-taken from businessinsider.net-

Rio De Janiero

Alex, 9, steals and begs for his daily meal. He doesn’t live with his family, only communicating occasionally to share a meal.

-taken from businessinsider.net-

Rendile Tribe, Kenya

Nantio, 15, sleeps in a tent with her mother and sisters. There is a fire in the center for warmth, however, she can hardly stand in the tent. It is made from cattle hide and plastic.


Everyone is scared of something. No one is fearless. There is no such thing, as everyone is mortal. There is a weakness in everyone.

The top most searched fears on Google is the fear of public speaking, heights, needles, and clowns.

When staring face to face, eye to eye with fear, we either “fight or flight”. We’ve all heard this term before, right? Most people I know (including myself) tend to flee, rather than owning up to something that scares the living hell out of them. It’s hard, and nearly impossible, why should anyone WANT to face something they’re afraid of? Well, I believe that it’s only for the better of our own self if we were to face our fears. Overcoming a difficult task is one of the best accomplishments anyone can do, and the sense of pride and joy that comes with it is incredibly lovely. Getting over a fear is not easy, I understand. But we should practice being a little more fearless and adventurous every day. It is only the dauntless who are able to accomplish what used to be impossible. Yes, it is natural to be nervous and agitated, but that shouldn’t stop you. Ever.

For example, there are many people who have stage fright. I used to be incredibly afraid of being in front of a large group of people. I have videos of myself running off the stage from my second grade play, it’s mortifying. I’ve frozen up doing speeches in front of my class, and occasionally I find myself getting flustered and my palms getting clammy if I have to present something. Occasionally. I slowly, but surely built up a confidence in speaking, I make an effort to overcome this fear. I went from a shy, relatively quiet child, to a loud, shrieking, ear-splitting, thunderous piece of what is a human. Even though the after result of overcoming the challenge seems unattractive, I assure you, it’s not bad like you’d think. After beating down my anxiety of being judged and being in front of large crowds, I’m now more confident, happy, careless (about others’ opinions) and am most definitely able to get my point and opinion across. This is only one example, there are so many more.

There are so many positive benefits from overcoming a fear, but people are often too clouded by their judgement of what isn’t that big of a deal. Something so small can overtake what can be beneficial towards someone, yet they are willing to not achieve something because of a small rock in their road to success.

23 important little reminders

This is just to give you a small push throughout your day! We’ve all had those bad days where we were stuck in a rut, unsure of what to do, and ultimately #DONEWITHEVERYTHING. I wrote this list on one of those days a while back, and I was in a foul mood, but I released my built up anger by making this. Even though I never meant to publish them.. Why not though, right? We all learn a few things that we really follow through and live by, and these are mine. To me, these are a few little reminders and a little tug to bring me back down to earth whenever I’m being overly dramatic. Let us not be airheads from this day forward!

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99 cents store is a pretty cheap market. Everything there is rounded up to the nearest cent, like if the price was $0.99, then it would become $1.00, and so forth. Even if you are low on cash, the employees there will gladly spot you a couple cents of dollars. Because of this, I go to the store frequently to get some snacks or candy for parties or the theaters, and I have become accustomed to daily sights around the store. At this location, its a normal sight to see a couple beggars outside the storefront, and some random guy getting arrested behind the store, and people like me just go by this and never bat a second glance.

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